About infive

In today's fast paced lifestyle, it's hard to be on time. Most men run late, and often have the same reply - 'I'll be there in 5'. That's how the name of this brand took shape. Infive is a personal care brand that specifically caters to men. Their line of products revolves around simplicity and saving time. Their first product is an 'All-in- one' gel which can be used as a shampoo, body-wash and a face-wash as well.

Project Brief

  • Create a minimalistic & modern brand image
  • Create a visual identity that reflects the above idea (Packaging & Website)
  • Target millennials


In order to reflect an 'On-The-Go' lifestyle, we intended to create a simple and straightforward identity that complements the idea of 'I'll be there in five'. Even when it comes to selecting personal care products at purchase outlets, deciding which one is a time consuming process. Hence black & white bold photography was the perfect choice. It made the brand stand out in a much cluttered FMCG market and also had significant visual impact.

Colour Pallette



Packaging & Photography